3. Throw something away

THROW something AWAY

Vứt/bỏ cái gì đi


STUDY Read these sentences carefully.

  • She threw the letter away without reading it.

Cô ấy đã vứt lá thư đó đi mà không thèm đọc nó.

  • Every year the average family throws away two tonnes of waste.

Mỗi năm, trung bình mỗi gia đình thải ra hai  tấn rác.

  • Our old computer’s completely useless now. We’ll have to throw it away.

Máy tính của chúng ta đã hỏng. Chúng ta phải  bỏ chúng đi thôi.


CHECK Use the sentences in the Study box to help you do these exercises.


If you throw something away, what do you do? Choose one answer.

a) You put it in safe place because it is very important.

b) You put it in a rubbish bin or trash can because you do not want it.

c) You put in somewhere quickly to look at later.


Which of these are grammatically possible?

a)                  She threw the jacket away.

b)                  She threw away the jacket.

c)                  She threw it away.

d)                  She threw away it.

e)                  The jacket was thrown away.


Respond to the following using throw something away in appropriate form. The

first one has been done for you as an example.

a) This pen doesn’t work any more.

Throw it away then

b) These boots are falling apart. I can’t wear them any more.

Do you want to keep yesterday’s newspaper?

I’m going to recycle it, so don’t …………………….

a) What shall I do with this old shirt and tie?

You can keep the shirt, but ………………………….



adjective: throw away (This is only used before a noun)

Tính từ: throw away (Được sử dụng trước một danh từ )

A through away razor is one that is intended to be used only once or for a very short

time before you get rid of it.


The verb throw something out has the same meaning.

Động từ throw something out có cùng ý nghĩa với throw away.



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